Information about the .xlsm (xlsm) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .xlsm (xlsm) file type.

Macro enabled Microsoft Excel (XML) Spreadsheet file.

A .xlsm file is a saved Excel spreadsheet file, generated with Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later) that is saved in XML format. A .xlsm file allows the use of macros (VBA) in the spreadsheet. If macros are not required then a .xlsx file can instead be used.

The file is actually a set of XML files that are compressed. The individual XML files can be viewed by renaming the .xlsm file to .zip and treating it as a .zip file.

It is possible to open .xlsm files using earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, but to do this you need the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. The Microsoft Office Compatibility pack is available from

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