Information about the .whb (whb) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .whb (whb) file type.

iPod backup image file. A .whb file is created using either CopyTrans or iCloner.

CopyTrans is a backup and recovery utility for iPod and iPhone songs and videos. A .whb file is a backup image file generated by CopyTrans. CopyTrans can be used to restore a backup (.whb fle) to an iPod.

iCloner is a full backup utility designed to backup everything from an iPod. It creates a backup file with the .whb file extension. iCloner can then be used to restore from a .whb file.

CopyTrans and iCloner are both Windows applications, and are both produced by the same company.

The contents of a .whb file can be browsed using UnSqueeze.

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