This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .t. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.tabMapInfo table structure file.
.tartape archive compressed file.
.tbxTinderbox data file | ArcGIS toolbox file | Project schedular table extension file | Term Base eXchange file.
.tcTrueCrypt encrypted file.
.tdSimplex database table.
.tdgTest data generator specification file.
.texLatex file.
.tfwArcView (Tiff) world coordinates file.
.tgaTarga bitmap.
.tgrTiger line file.
.thSimplex database table header file.
.thmVideo thumbnail file.
.tifTIFF file.
.tiffTIFF file.
.tlbType library file.
.tlicTrust license file | Thinstuff XP/VS server license file.
.tmbThumbnail image file.
.tmdTemporary file.
.tmpTemporary file.
.tmp.edbESE temporary database file.
.tmp.jtxESE pre-init log file.
.tmp.logESE pre-init log file.
.todJVC video clip file.
.topcTopicCrunch SEO-project parameter set.
.tpTPwin project file.
.tpc3D Topicscape inter-Topicscape topic link file.
.tplGeneric template file | PHP template file.
.trbTurbulence plugin (Animation Master).
.trpMPEG Transport File.
.tsTransport Stream File.
.tsvTab Separated Values file.
.ttfTrue type font.
.tubPaint Shop Pro picture tube file.
.txTX Text Control data file.
.txmText Control Demo file.
.txtPlain text file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.