Information about the .sqm (sqm) file type

This is one of three possibilities that we have on file for the .sqm file extension, follow this link to view all three possibilities.

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .sqm (sqm) file type.

Windows Live Messenger Log File.

SQM stands for "Software Quality Metrics". These are hidden data collection files generated to facilitate monitoring of usage habits, performance and error reporting for use by Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger generates them, and it is rumoured that some other Microsoft applications may also generate them.

Windows Live messenger generates files "sqmdata??.sqm" and "sqmnoopt??.sqm" files, where "??" are two digits which start at 00 and subsequently increment, so "sqmnoopt00.sqm" then "sqmnoot01.sqm" and so on. These files used to be generated in the root of the C: drive, but are more recent versions of Messenger save them to the ".../Documents and settings/Application Data/Microsoft/MSN Messenger" folder for the current user. To disable the generation of these files simply find the option in the application for participating in the "Customer Experience Improvement Program" and deselect the option to participate. (This option is available under Tools > Options > General)

These files may be safely deleted (although Microsoft may then miss out on the information they contain).

Where this is available we would like to include file format information on .sqm files, as well as information on how to view or open files of type .sqm. If you know of any information which we have missed then please let us know.