This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .s. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.s7iSeed7 library or include file.
.sasSAS program file.
.sas7bdatSAS data set file.
.sas7bvewSAS data set view file.
.savGeneric backup file | Generic save file | Game save file | SPSS data file.
.sbhRational robot header file.
.sblGraphic symbol library file | Rational robot language file | Softbridge Basic language script.
.sbnDriver 3 game file | ArcView spatial index file.
.sbrSource browse file.
.sbxAdobe Illustrator Tsume File | ArcView spatial index file.
.scaScala script file.
.scbPublished Scala script file | Scribble document file | AI scripting file | SuperCard eBook file.
.sccSource safe integration file.
.scfWindows Explorer Command file | DNA Baser file |  LabView tag file.
.schScheme file (Animation Master).
.scmICQ Sound Compressed Sound Scheme file.
.scrScreen saver | AutoCAD script file
.scsSuperTable data file.
.sd7Seed7 source file | SAS dataset file.
.sdbApplication compatibility database.
.sdsOpen Office chart file | Star Office chart file | MIDI Sample dump file | Digital Space browser link | Smart Diary Suite database.
.seaStuffIt file.
.seospiderScreaming Frog SEO Spider crawl data file.
.sfvSimple File Verification file.
.sfxSelf extracting archive script file | Statgraphics Centurion file.
.sgmlStandard generalised mark-up language file.
.shShell script.
.shdShader plugin (Animation Master).
.shfbprojSandcastle Help FIle Builder Project file.
.shnCompressed audio file.
.shpArcView shapefile | AutoCAD shape definition file.
.shsScrap object file.
.shtmlHTML file supporting server side includes.
.shxArcView index file | AutoCAD shape file.
.sidMrSID file.
.sifWindows unattended install answer file.
.sisSymbian/EPOC OS installation file.
.sitMacintosh StuffIt archive.
.sl8SIMUL8 simulation file.
.slkSymbolic link format file.
.slnVisual Studio solution object file.
.smdSEGA mega drive ROM file.
.smiRealPlayer file.
.smkSmacker video file.
.sndSound file.
.sngSong file.
.snkStrong Name Key file.
.snpMicrosoft Access report snapshot.
.solLocal Shared Object file (Flash).
.sosDRS OMR decode instruction file.
.spoSPSS output file | SPOCK external objects file.
.sppSerif PhotoPlus image file.
.sprBrother spreadsheet | Half-life sprite file.
.spsSPSS syntax file | SyncBack profile file.
.sqlStructured Query Language file.
.sqmWindows Live Messenger (Software Quality Metrics) Log File | Windows Live Mail log file | Operation Flashpoint mission file.
.srdSupercube file.
.srfATL Server file | InfoCrafter document | Raster graphics file | Raw graphics file | Spectral Response Function data | SurfSaver file | Terragen™ Surface map file.
.srgSelf Registration File.
.srlLocal database file | Nintendo ROM dump file.
.srtSubtitles file.
.ssaSource Safe archive file | SubStation Alpha file.
.ssfShow Shifter File.
.ssf.00Show Shifter file.
.ssf.01Show Shifter file.
.staFinePrint stationary file.
.stcOpen Office Calc template file.
.stdOpen Office Draw template file.
.stiOpen Office Impress template file.
.stmExchange store file | Server side include | Server side includes | State transition diagram | Media file.
.strString replacement file | DataPerfect file | Video game file.
.stsDatapulse - CIM file | MEMMAKER status file | Stereo Tool Settings file.
.stwOpenOffice Writer template file.
.subCloneCD sub channel data file.
.suoVisual Studio user options file.
.sv7SAS data view file.
.svcWCF web service definition file.
.svgScalable vector graphic file.
.svgzCompressed scalable vector graphics file.
.svnSubversion directory.
.swfFlash file.
.switchSecure package file.
.swpSwap file.
.sxcOpen Office Calc file.
.sxdOpen Office Draw file.
.sxgOpen Office master document.
.sxiOpen Office Impress file.
.sxmOpen Office Math file.
.sxpOpen Office Presentation file.
.sxwOpen Office Writer document.
.sydSYSTAT data file.
.syoSYSTAT output file.
.sysWindows system file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.