Information about the .pfx (pfx) file type

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Personal Information Exchange file. This file contains public and private key information used to securely sign, encrypt or authenticate something. Typically used as a means of creating certificates to authenticate websites, applications or encrypted file systems.

A .pfx file contains two certificates, a personal or site certificate and a signer certificate. The personal certificate, which is also known as a site certificate, contains both a public and a private key. The signer certificate (or CA certificate) contains a public key used to authenticate the signing authority, i.e. the authority which is vouching for the validity of the certificate.

On a computer running Windows, a .pfx file (and accompanying public file recovery certificate .cer file) can be created using the cipher command line tool. The syntax for generating a new pair of .cer and .pfx files:

cipher /r:file-name

This will generate two files: file-name.pfx and file-name.cer.

A .pfx file can also be created using IIS, which allows an existing certificate to be exported.

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