This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .p. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.pProgress 4GL code file | Pascal source file.
.p01Parity volume file.
.p02Parity volume file.
.p12Personal Information Exchange file.
.pabMicrosoft Outlook address book.
.pakWAD file.
.palGeneric colour palette files | Paint Shop Pro colour palette file | PiXCL palette file.
.paq8o10tPAQ compressed archive.
.parWindows 3.x swap file | Parity index file.
.par2RAR archive parity file.
.partPartial downloaded file.
.part1.rarFirst part of a multi-file RAR compressed archive.
.part2.rarSecond part of a multi-file RAR compressed archive.
.part3.rarThird part of a multi-file RAR compressed archive.
.pasPascal source file.
.pbmPortable bitmap image file.
.pboPacked Bohemia Object file | Profiler Binary Output file.
.pcdKodak photo CD image.
.pceEudora mail file.
.pchPrecompiled header file.
.pclPrinter Control Language file.
.pcpWindows installer patch creation properties file | Plotter configuration file.
.pctMacintosh drawing file.
.pcxPC Paintbrush image file.
.pdParadox database file | Perl data file.
.pdbProgram Database | Palm document.
.pddAdobe PhotoDeluxe image file.
.pdePowerDesk encrypted file or folder | Principalm data export file | Processing development environment sketchbook file | Pathology data exchange file | Arduino script file.
.pdfPortable Document Format | Printer description file.
.pdgMetaCAM part file.
.pfWindows Prefetch file
.pfxPostEffect plug-in file (Animation Master) | Personal Information Exchange file.
.pgtCompiled Tags database | Sothink Glanda Widget Tools File.
.phpPHP script file | Server side scripting file.
.phxACTIVE Phoenix data file.
.picLotus graphic file | Micrografx Draw! file | Pegasus image file | SoftImage frame.
.pictApple Mac internal picture format file.
.pidMySQL pid file.
.pifExecutable | graphics file | compressed archive.
.pigDescent texture data.
.pjpJPEG graphics file.
.pjpegJPEG graphics file.
.pk7Signed Electronic bill.
.pkinfoArcGIS package info file.
.pklPacking list file.
.plPerl script.
.plannerGnome Planner file.
.plgVisual Studio build log.
.plistProperty list file | Preference file | Handbrake Presets file.
.plrDescent player file.
.plsGeneric playlist file.
.pltPlot file.
.plyPoly model file (Animation Master).
.pmPerl Module | Pegasus mail file.
.pm$Pegasus mail temporary file.
.pm3PageMaker 3.0 document.
.pm4PageMaker 4.0 document.
.pm5PageMaker 5.0 document
.pm6PageMaker 6.0 document
.pmdPublished map document.
.pmfESRI ArcGIS published map file | Pseudo Meta file.
.pmlProcess Monitor log file | PADGen program information file.
.pmsPegasus mail signature file.
.pngGraphics file.
.pofDescent 1 3D data file.
.pogDescent texture data.
.polSystem policy file.
.potPowerPoint design template.
.ppdPostScript printer description | PowerPoint slide show.
.ppmPortable pixelmap image.
.pppPage Plus file | AIRSAR log file | Enfocus PDF Profile.
.ppsPowerPoint slide show | Ping Plotter file.
.pptPowerPoint presentation file.
.ppzPowerPoint animation file | Packed PowerPoint file.
.prbxyAlgebra probabilities file | DMSolver problem file | Silicon Explorer Probe file | Phat probabilities file.
.preRender preset file (Animation Master).
.prfOutlook Profile file | ClarisWorks Preferences File | Macromedia Director Preferences file.
.prgFoxPro or dBASE source file.
.prjPC Guard project file | Animation Master project file.
.prnPrint file.
.proPro/ENGINEER configuration file | Euphoria profile listing file.
.pro2Euphoria time profile listing file.
.profilerANTS Profiler project file.
.profilerresultsANTS Profiler saved results file.
.prtPro ENGINEER part file.
.psPostScript file.
.psdNative Adobe Photoshop format.
.pspPaint Shop Pro image.
.pstPersonal folder file (Microsoft Outlook) | PostEffect file (Animation Master).
.pubMicrosoft Publisher document.
.pwlWindows (9x) password file.
.pxParadox database index file.
.pyPython source file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.