This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .n. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.nbNota Bene document file.
.nbaNero BackItUp compressed archive.
.ncbVisual Studio browse file.
.ncfNetware command file.
.nchOutlook express news items | Audio file | Virus.
.ndfSecondary SQL Server data file.
.ndsNintendo DS binary file.
.ndxdBase non-maintained index file.
.newsrcNewsgroup source file.
.nfbNokia Phone (Fone) Book, backup file.
.nk2Microsoft Outlook Nickname file.
.nlmNetware loadable module.
.nlsNational language code page file.
.nnNero CD file list.
.npkMicroTik RouterOS upgrade package | n-Track Studio temporary file.
.nrgNero CD image.
.nsNSwin project file | NetStumbler log file.
.nsfLotus notes database file.
.ntfNational Imagery Transmission format.
.nunitNUnit Test Project file.
.nuspecA manifest description file.
.nutNutricalc file.
.nvNewViews accounting for DOS database file.
.nv2NewViews accounting for Windows database file.
.nwcNoteWorthy composer music score | NavisWorks Cache file.
.nwsNewsgroup article file | Newsmaster II data file.
.nzbNewzbin file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.