Information about the .mxml (mxml) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .mxml (mxml) file type.

Adobe Flex interface markup file.

An .mxml file is an XML style text file, used when building Adobe Flex applications. Each .mxml file is written using XML and may contain several different types of elements including definitions for components, component interfaces, templates, graphics and/or ActionScript.

The precise reason for naming the extension ".mxml" is unclear. The file format was first introduced by macromedia (who were later taken over by Adobe in 2005). So the first "m" in mxml may simply stand for Macromedia, which would make the file a Macromedia XML file or MXML. The file extension has been suggested to stand for "Magic eXtensible Markup Language", but this acronym is of more recent origin.

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