Information about the .mui (mui) file type

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Below is all the information we have available on file about the .mui (mui) file type.

Windows Multilingual resource file.

A .mui file contains localized resources for an application or .dll file. This allows an application to be changed to run in a different language. In theory for an application to run in say German requires that the necessary localized resources are made available in a tailored German .mui file.

By convention each .mui file is named after the exe (or dll) file to which it relates. So for example "iexplore.exe.mui" is the multilingual resource file for "iexplore.exe". Remember that this is a convention and is not enforced. Each .mui file contains the localized resources for a single language, and for this reason it is common to have .mui files located in sub-folders named to indicate the specific language.

It is reportedly possible to open .mui files using Microsoft Visual Studio. With Microsoft Visual Studio a .mui file can be opened as though it were a resource file. Depending on the version of Visual Studio the .mui file may need to be renamed to a .dll file to allow it to be opened.

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