Information about the .mdmp (mdmp) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .mdmp (mdmp) file type.

Windows Minidump file. A .mdmp file is a Windows mini-dump file, it records the state of an application when the application crashed under Windows XP or later.

Windows Minidump files are generated by Windows to allow the crash to be analysed and investigated. The .mdmp file contains a compressed crash dump generated at the time of the crash. .mdmp files are minidump files, may not contain as much information as a full .hdmp file, but should provide sufficient information for basic debugging.

.mdmp files are only of use to the original application developer, any can otherwise be deleted to free up space. .mdmp files can be analysed using Microsoft Visual Studio. Since .mdmp files are mini-dump files (and do not contain as much information as a full .hdmp file), to be of use the original binaries and debug symbol files (.pdb) need to be available.

cf .hdmp, .wer.

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