Information about the .lock (lock) file type

This is one of two possibilities that we have on file for the .lock file extension, follow this link to view both possibilities.

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .lock (lock) file type.

ESRI ArcGIS shapefile lock file.

With ArcGIS 10, the ArcGIS tools (ArcEditor, ArcInfo, ArcView or ArcReader) creates a lock file to indicate that a file is locked.

If these lock files are left after a crash then they can be safely deleted. They are normally deleted at runtime by ArcGIS when the lock is no longer required.

The lock file name follows one of the following contentions:
when ArcMap or ArcCatalog are accessing the shapefile.
when ArcMap is editing the data.

cf .shp.

The following link provides further information related to the .lock file extension:

Where this is available we would like to include file format information on .lock files, as well as information on how to view or open files of type .lock. If you know of any information which we have missed then please let us know.