Information about the .fts (fts) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .fts (fts) file type.

A hidden index file, used by Windows 9x and NT help system. The first time the Find tab in a Windows help file is selected the system displays a dialog box asking what type of index to create. After the selection is made the system creates an index and stores it in a .fts file.

If space becomes an issue then .fts files can be deleted without harming the system. The help system will recreate the file the next time it is needed.

For each .fts file there is typically a corresponding .gid file.

Where this is available we would like to include file format information on .fts files, as well as information on how to view or open files of type .fts. If you know of any information which we have missed then please let us know.