Information about the .edmx (edmx) file type

Below is all the information we have available on file about the .edmx (edmx) file type.

Entity Framework classes file.

A .edmx file contains the model definition in an ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) application.

Microsoft MSDN describes the .edmx file as:

An .edmx file is an XML file that defines a conceptual model, a storage model, and the mapping between these models. An .edmx file also contains information that is used by the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) to render a model graphically. The recommended practice for creating an .edmx file is to use the Entity Data Model Wizard.


Where this is available we would like to include file format information on .edmx files, as well as information on how to view or open files of type .edmx. If you know of any information which we have missed then please let us know.