This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .d. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.daDAwin project file.
.daaDirect-Access-Archive CD/DVD image file
.datGeneric data file | Mapinfo data file | c-tree plus database.
.dbGeneric database file | Borland Paradox database file | Thumbnail cache.
.dbcVisual FoxPro database file.
.dbfdBASE III database file | dBASE IV database file | dBASE 5 database file | FoxPro database file | ArcView dBASE file.
.dbgMS-Dev debug file.
.dbiDelphi Database Explorer file.
.dbqueryMySQL Database saved query file.
.dbxFoxPro table file | Outlook Express file.
.dcfCopy protected media file container.
.dciDelphi code template file.
.dcpDelphi component package.
.dcrDelphi component resource file | Shockwave file
.dctDelphi file | FoxPro file | Aurora dictionary.
.dcuDelphi compiled unit.
.dcxFoxPro database index.
.ddDDwin project file | Mac Disk Doubler compressed archive file.
.ddfDiamond Directive File | Doom Definition File.
.ddiDiskDupe image file.
.ddpDelphi diagram portfolio file.
.debPackage file.
.debuglogMyDefrag log file.
.dedDr. Engrave Document file.
.defWindows library definition file.
.demDelphi file | Descent 1/2 demo file.
.depDependency file.
.deployDeployable .NET file | DeployMaster file.
.derSecurity Certificate file
.detDescent Manager file | Dr Engrave template file.
.dfmDelphi form file.
.dfnDelphi support file for integrated translation environment.
.dftSolid Edge drafting file.
.dgAuto-trol vector graphics drawing file.
.dgnMicroStation binary design file.
.dhcdDHCD Computing application settings or data file.
.dimDeveloper Installation Manifest file.
.dirShockwave file.
.dlgWindows dialog resource file.
.dllDynamic Linked Library.
.dlm(Microsoft) DownLoad Manager file | Akamai Download Manager file | 3ds Max file.
.dmgMacintosh Disk Image.
.dmp(Windows) Dump file.
.dmtDelphi menu template file.
.doModelSim file | Stata command file.
.docWord document | Word Perfect document.
.docxMicrosoft Word (XML) document.
.dofDelphi options file.
.dotMicrosoft Word template.
.dotmMicrosoft Word 2007 template supporting macros.
.dotxMicrosoft Word 2007 template.
.dpkDelphi package.
.dplDelphi 3 package library.
.dprDelphi project file.
.dpsDataPower script file.
.drDRwin project file | Digital Rights file | Disaster Recovery file.
.droDelphi object repository file.
.drvDriver file.
.drwBrother word-processor file | Freelance file | Micrografx file | Autocad drawing | LinkWinds drawing.
.dskDelphi desktop file.
.dsmDelphi symbol module | Visual Studio macro file.
.dsnTiny CAD file | ODBC File DSN.
.dstDelphi desktop settings file.
.DS_StoreMac OS X file describing the appearance of a folder.
.dtiDelphi 5 diagram portfolio file.
.dtpTimeworks publisher text file.
.dunDial-up networking configuration file.
.dvfDigital Voice File | Digital View Cam file.
.dvr-msDigital Video Recorder file.
.dwfAutoCAD drawing.
.dwfxAutoCAD drawing file.
.dwgAutoCAD binary drawing.
.dwtAutoCAD binary drawing template | Dreamweaver page template file | Expression Web Dynamic Web Template file.
.dxbAutoCAD binary drawing exchange format.
.dxfAutoCAD drawing exchange format file.
.dxrMacromedia Director Protected movie file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.