Information about the .ctx (ctx) file type

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Below is all the information we have available on file about the .ctx (ctx) file type.

Creativyst Table Exchange format file. A CTX file is a data exchange file. CTX files are used as a format to export table data on one system so it can be imported on another system (fulfilling a similar role to that of .csv or .xml files).

The specification document (see links below) describes CTX files are:

"... CTX a simple, shared, low-overhead exchange format. It can be used for simple tasks, such as exchanging rows of a single table without header information, up to more complex tasks, like exchanging multiple tables, long with their field names, types and comments. It will also facilitate the exchange of complex hierarchical data structures.

"CTX is a more precisely defined and functional alternative to CSV, and a lower overhead alternative to many applications of XML. ..."

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