This page provides a list of those file extensions that start with .c. The information given below is a summary and further details can be found by clocking on the summary next to the file extension of interest.

.c'C' programming language source code.
.c4dClonk object definition file.
.c4fClonk scenario folder file.
.c4iClonk object info file.
.c4mClonk material file.
.c4pClonk player file.
.c4qClonk queue file.
.c4sClonk scenario file.
.c4vClonk video file.
.cabCabinet compressed file.
.camCamera file (Animation Master).
.catSecurity catalogue file.
.cblCobol source file.
.ccC++ source file.
.ccdCloneCD control file.
.cctAdobe Director protected cast resource file.
.cdClass diagram file | CD-i OptiImage CD image file | cdTree CD catalogue file.
.cd4Dymo DiscPainter file.
.cdaCompact disk audio track.
.cddClaris Draw graphics file | CVI symbol table | CADEX drawing | ConceptDraw document | UML file.
.cdlSignLab vector graphics file | Common Data Language file | CAD Advanced Design Language file.
.cdrCorelDRAW drawing | Raw Audio-CD.
.cdtCorel Draw template file.
.cdxVisual FoxPro compound index.
.cerCertificate file.
.cfCFwin project file | Sendmail configuration file | Piranha configuration file | Zimbra configuration file.
.cfgDelphi configuration file | Outlook configuration file | Netgear router configuration backup file.
.cfmCold Fusion mark-up file
.cfmlCold Fusion mark-up language file.
.cgfCargoMap file.
.cgiCGI web based program or script.
.cheCHwinEHE project file | Chemical model file.
.chiHelp file index | ChiWriter document.
.chkESE Checkpoint file.
.chmCompiled HTML help file.
.chmlChameleon encrypted file.
.choChoreography file (Animation Master)
.chrCharset file | Constraint Handling Rules file.
.chunk001First part of a File Splitter split file.
.chunk002Second part of a File Splitter split file.
.chunk003Third part of a File Splitter split file.
.cifEasy CD Creator CD image file.
.clCommon LISP source file | CLwin project file | Control Language file.
.classCompiled Java class file.
.clpWindows clipboard file.
.clsLatex class file | VB6 class file | GSEA Phenotype data format file.
.clwClass Wizard file | Clarion module file.
.cmdWindows-DOS command script file.
.cmfCorel Metafile.
.cmlPADGen company information file | Chemical Markup Language file.
.cnCNwin account file | MIwin account file | ICM distance restraints file.
.cntContents file for a windows help file.
.cnxPegasus mail temporary file.
.comExecutable command file.
.confConfiguration file.
.configNUnit Configuration file.
.cooCoordinates file.
.cos2Pinnacle Studio file.
.cplControl panel item file.
.cppC++ language source file.
.cptCompact Pro file.
.cr5Survey Pro coordinates file.
.crtSecurity Certificate file.
.csVisual C# source file.
.csprojC# project file.
.cssCascading style sheet file.
.cstAdobe Director protected cast resource file | DesignWorks schema file | LogicWorks schema file.
.csvComma separated value file | Tab separated values file.
.ctCTwin project file | Nucleic acid sequence and base pairing information file | Cheat table file.
.ctlVisual Basic Control source code file.
.cttMessenger contacts file.
.ctxVisual Basic Control file | Ciphertext (encrypted text) file | Creativyst Table Exchange Format file | CyberTracker eXport file | Text file | Terminal Server .ini file backup.
.cubWindows installer validation module.
.cueCue sheet file.
.curMicrosoft Windows cursor file.
.cvsCANVAS file.
.cvxCANVAS file.
.cwfClarisWorks file | COM-Watch File.
.cxtMacromedia Director protected cast resource file.
.cxxC++ language source file.

For further information about the file extension please do click on the summary next to the file extension in the list above.

We would like this listing to be complete and comprehensive, but recognised that we may have missed one and that new file types are being used all the time. So if you know of a file type that we have missed that should be listed here then please let us know.